May 19, 2022
Self-Exploration Became A Business Strategy.  How self-discovery through coaching changed the way Scott Hawthorn, founder of Native Shoes, does business.
From Scott Hawthorn
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How Do I Decide Between Seeing a Coach or a Therapist?  Should I work with a Coach or Therapist? What’s the difference between coaching and therapy? How do I pick? And does it even matter?
From Devon Brooks
The Overworked Chef Who Prioritized Self-Discovery and Succeeded.  How this overworked chef prioritized self-care and still managed to rise to success
From Juno Kim
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Dev’s Dispatch: like Fergie said, ‘Where is the love’?  In recognizing that we don’t have the all answers, nor are we supposed to, we create space for humanity, questioning, and consciousness.
From Devon Brooks
Five Things to Look for in a Coach  Finding a coach that’s right for you takes work. And once you do, the real work begins.
From Jonas Altman
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